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With our wide network of Factories, tanneries, and components suppliers, we are able to provide you the best options and solutions. Leather, linings, outsoles and finishing products all together will result in the added value that you need.

No matter where the material you want comes from, we can get it!


Developments (Prototypes and sales samples)
Following the briefings and customers instructions, we turn your ideas into a prototype by finding the rigth materials and tools to make it happen.

After we reach the perfect shoe we can also make sales samples for your sales team.


We design, create and develop all kind of details and hardware for you personalize your shoe's collections

With the partnership of a good range of factories we can produce all kind of shoes for man, woman or kids. According to styles quantities and quality we are able to find the best factories for you, controling every step.

Because its really important to put the shoes in time on the market we work focused to reach the dealines you want.


Quality Control

From the development stage until the final packaging, every step is carefully supervised.

We work carefully to check every detail along the production process, so that we can avoid claims from clients. 


We are also able to develop the boxes, cards, Labels and all you need for Marketing and specific packing instructions

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